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Know Self - Downtempo Chill Dubs

Know  Self grew from years of jamming live "dj tag" sets with my friends,  making it up as we went along, then coming back and listening and  thinking, "hey, that jam could be a song". We have struggled to capture  the chaotic beauty of our live sets while still giving structure for the  listener to follow. These songs are usually about 15 minutes long when  played live and have lots more live guitar, percussion, and sometimes  even melodica, jaw harp, santoor, or tabla. Thanks to Mr. Johnson for  songwriting, saxophone, flute and vocals, such a skilled musician who  can play anything. Thanks to El Sturgo for wicked guitar, tight  drums, and of course, studio and creative space for jamming. Thanks to Teri Cote for  some drum samples also. We are all singers & players of instruments,  chanting a new song. Link here for free previews and downloads.


Hanuramakwanzamas - Holiday Dubs

Familiar  enough to sing along, yet unique enough to be unlike any holiday CD you  have every heard. Studio remixes of holiday classics from every culture  and religion from Jewish, Muslim and Christian, to Celtic and African.  Winter songs of peace for the holiday season that will have your party  bumpin'. If DJ Shadow or Thievery Corporation did a holiday CD, this  would be it.
Jahfirm Sound System uses the latest analog and digital instruments  to recreate sounds of yesteryear combined with post-modern downtempo  beats. Prepare for an audio world trip through the Winter Solstice. Peace and Blessings Free Download here:


Be Still - Wobble Bass Remixes

Analog roots reggae meets  astral bass wobble in this dubstepping continuous sonic trip through  harmonic convergence. Be Still and Know I Am One. This alibum livicated  to all peaceful warriors, consciously changing the world through service  to One Love.

I speak to you through the mysterious rainbow. Be still Know I am 1.
I will speak to you when you are all 1. Be still Know I am 1.

I  will speak to you through the Wisdom of the Ancients. Be still Know I  am 1. 

I will speak to you at the end of time. Be still Know I am 1.
I will speak to you when you have seen my Angels. Be still Know I am 1.
I will speak to you throughout Eternity. Be still Know I am 1.
I speak to you. Be still Know I am 1.

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